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Know Your Season

Your life goes through different seasons, just like the seasons of the year. Understanding which season your life is in at any given time is one of the most important parts of understanding what to do and when to do it. Awareness is the first step in the right direction. Once you understand which season your life may be in, the second step is understanding how to navigate through it.

You will go through spring, a time of planting new seeds. It is the time of re-birth and new beginnings in every area of your life. This may include beginning a new hobby, a new relationship, or a new job. This could also include a new fitness routine or making changes in your financial world.

You will go through summer, a time of nurturing and growing. Summer is the time of nurturing what has been planted. It is the time of taking care of that new growth so that it can grow abundantly. Summer is not the time to add new seeds to your life. Rather, it is the time to remove some of the weeds that are attempting to starve out your crop. This is the time to love and care for the things you’ve added to your life, but it’s also time to remove some of the people, places, and things and are keeping your new growth from fully blossoming.

You will go through fall, a time of harvest. Fall is the time that allows you to reap the rewards of your harvest. This doesn’t mean that growth is finished. The growth will continue but you should be enjoying the rewards of your efforts. This is the time to celebrate your physical transformation or the investment strategy that is taking hold.

You will also go through winter, a time of dying, but it is also the time of cleansing. The death may be figurative or it could be literal. It could be the loss of a loved one, but it could also be the end of a job or a relationship. It could also be an emotional death in the feeling of abandonment, struggle, or sacrifice. Just like nature’s winter, our winter is also a cleansing. It is a slate that is wiped clean. It may be in knowing that your loved one is no longer suffering and is in a better place. It could be that the stress from the job or the relationship is no longer affecting your life. Your life is also being cleansed in order to prepare you for the next spring and planting new seeds.

We cannot force our way through any of the seasons, but we can understand and embrace what actions will be most beneficial within your current season. Having a bountiful garden is fantastic, but if you plant your garden in winter, you will bear no fruit. If you do the right thing at the wrong time, pain will follow. You must do the right thing at the right time.

In order to begin to understand which season you may be in, you must first understand how the seasons of your life work.

  • The seasons are not our life-line from birth to death. They are cyclical and never ending.

  • The seasons in our life will not necessarily go in order. They may jump, depending on what is happening in our life.

  • We may be in a single season for 2 weeks, or it may last 2 years.

There is no right or wrong season to be in. Each season will offer its own joys, growth, fulfillment, and challenges. The important thing to remember is that, many times, the season we THINK we’re in is not the season we are really in. This is one of the big reasons why new year’s resolutions fail for most people; the are forcing themselves into spring but their lives are not ready for new seeds. Becomes aware of where you really are in your seasons and then you can take appropriate actions.


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