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Creating balance from the Chaos


Create work life balance chaos order

Creating a life that you can live on your terms requires masterful planning. Our days are already filled with being a business person, parent, student, housekeeper and cook, so when in the world will we have time to create our masterful life?


Most people live a “life of lists.” We have lists for chores, errands, and kids’ activities. We even use lists to keep track of our lists! The first big time-killer is getting caught up in someone else’s list. Other people’s priorities are not our priorities. Here are a few tips to give you a little extra time in your day to live your own life and allow you to create balance from the chaos:


-       Recognize YOUR priorities. Spend a little time every day doing something you absolutely love. The feeling you get from doing a little of what you are passionate about will drive you through the rest of your day in a positive state.


-       Create result bundling.  Group like tasks together in your day. 20% of what you do will give you 80% of the result, but only if you are bundled and focused.


-       Three-to-thrive: Whatever your list looks like and whatever your priorities are for the day, pick 3 things that must get done. Your list might include 200 things, but pick the top 3. Do those. Anything else is a low priority and can wait until tomorrow. Remember: 20% of what you do will give 80% of the result.


In your day, spend some time with your passion. Even spending a few minutes will leave you fulfilled and if you are not fulfilled, you will look for a distraction; TV, food, social media, etc. Bundle your results and stay focused on those big three priorities. Do this every day. At first, it will take a few minutes to work it out. After a few days, it will become habit and you will find more time in your day and your entire day will feel more fulfilling.


Live with love, live with passion.


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