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Change Your Life Today!

FREE Workshop!

Saturday, March 18th,  9am-12pm


9th Street Wellness

2330 Meadow Park Drive, Green Bay, WI

Are you tired of trying to make positive changes only to get sucked back into your old habits and routines?


 The reason for this is simple: you’ve conditioned your mind into those old routines and you didn’t even realize you were doing it. Using the very same techniques that gave you the old habits, you can actually re-wire the brain for positive outcomes.  

How many people do you know that have tried to quit smoking or to lose weight, only to fall back into old patterns eventually and go back to the same old results. The reason for this is quite simple. It’s because those old habit muscles are in very good shape. 

There are 7 steps, that if you take, will begin to turn your positive changes into permanent habits.

“I never knew life could be this good. I never knew I had a choice. I look back now and can’t even believe the shell of a person I used to be.” - T.W.


This is not a lecture and this is not a seminar. This is an interactive experience that is going to take you to places that will challenge your old beliefs and show you the joy that you’ve been missing.

Relationships, work, health, or family are chores because they have become mundane. Maybe you’ve also lost track of who you really are and have allowed the stressors in your life to create a version of you that is just tired.


This is not a solo quest. You will not be taking this journey alone. What better way than to invite others in your church and community with whom you are close?

“Very few have what you have. You absolutely have ‘The Gift’.” – D.D.


Kelly and April Meyer have over 25 years of experience in education, speaking, training, consulting & coaching. They have literally traveled the world, learning from some of the greatest minds and teachers in the areas of personal fulfillment and human development. Kelly and April are the authors of the Spark Journal, creators of the Spark game and are currently working on two new books and additional products that help to build relationships through a balance of body, mind, and spirit.

“The healing energy you have given is beyond words.” – T.M.




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